Saturday, 14 July 2012

This was my very first win over at Write Invite - the weekly live flash fiction competition. I hope you are enjoying my new blog. It has taken me some time to get around to it. Please say hi - oh and tell your friends. Larissa x

Weather's Fight

The sky that day was tired. Mile after mile it carried its sorrows. Burdened with woes - longing to skim the heavens with lightness in its heart.

Hovering over the parched landscape it felt the pull of the earth and the slip of space as the weight of its depression became too great.

Within moments the dark skies wept raindrop tears. And now that it had started there seemed to be an ocean of misery falling from its cotton wool heart. The relief was immense. Surely the land would listen to its sorrow.

The land was saddened by the sorry story the sky told and soaked up its pain with pity. For had not the sky kept the land bathed in sunshine for what seemed like an eternity. Surely the land owed the sky a canvass to cry on. And so as the tears fell the land drank with sympathy, quenching its thirst.

The wind watched this friendship with envy. No one ever appreciated its virtues. For when he blew everything took shelter and left him to rant on his own. Anger festered  until he could hold his temper no longer. In fury he battered the sky and the land's friendship. Gust after gust he bullied the land into a frenzy with bullet like tears.

The land and the skies were left berated and spent.

Fuelled and fulfilled the wind drifted off to a whisper. His fight was over, until the next time. 

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