Sunday, 29 May 2016

Writing without a Sat-Nav

Whilst writing is something that I do and would love to be doing more of, it is much more than that to me.

Writing is not just a thing to occupy, to achieve and to work towards. It's not just something that allows me to win writing competitions and become published.  I think if it was,  the pleasure I get from it wouldn't be half as intoxicating. 

That's because writing to me is a Destination. It is somewhere that I visit. And if you were to ask me 
'Do you know where you're going to?' in most cases,  I would have to say, that I didn't.  And perhaps that is part of the attraction. It is an escapism. Particularly when I don't like the things life is showing me and it doesn't bring me the things I'm hoping for.

For instance, I decided to sit down and write my blog - resurrect it from the ashes yet again. I knew that I wanted to talk about what writing is to me and how I view it as a destination - however it was only when I considered, that many times I don't know where the destination is - that I was reminded of the song above and it's lyrics - those lyrics changing the course of this blog entry.

I had not intended, or considered, contemplating my life and what it brings, my destination or my hopes. The lyrics  brought about this.

To conclude then, I now realise that writing is not only a destination for me - but a journey too and when I am writing without a sat-nav - well those journeys are the best of all.

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