Sunday, 8 November 2015

Drabbles and Dribbles

Drabbles and Dribbles has such a ring to it, don't you think.  I am pleased at the discovery and really rather excited. As you all know (I like to imagine there is still someone reading and believing in me) I do love to flash. And have been very successful at it. Most of those successes have been over at Write Invite, but today I have discovered there is more to this brevity of words. More challenges, more creativity, more reasons to pick up my pen and that is in the writing of Drabbles. These are tiny offerings of fiction - the word limit being 100.  And so with my childlike enthusiasm I am known for, I am going to occupy my quiet moments with the creation of drabbles and perhaps I may also dribble (50 word stories).  Worry not - I shall wear a bib - for those unpleasant spillages, borne of too much enthusiasm and little experience. Hiccup. x

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