Sunday, 8 November 2015


The password volcano has erupted and I am drowning in a flow of confusion. So many passwords - so many usernames - so many e-mail addresses. I have no map - I have no compass. I just rely on this memory of mine to recall all important information. But it has its own ideas about what is important. It chooses randomly and we disagree often. I don't need to remember the price of cheese or what time the postman calls or that conversation I had with the cat last night, however pleasant it was. My memory is full of unimportant junk - a waste land of randomness. And in the meantime my fingers are still, my creativity stifled and my blog - DULL and neglected. Shhh don't shout so loud. This time I promise to try harder. After all - you don't log in to read a list of empty promises. Even if the excuses become more inventive. Of course you don't. So I am going to make a concerted effort to write my password down and squirrel it somewhere, where I hope to remember. But just in case I forget - my password is..............Ah you didn't think I'd lost the plot completely did you?

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